We are a media agency focussed on promoting your brand both visually and through technology driven platforms. Our services include: animation, design, video productions, interactive touch technologies and live streaming.


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About Us

What we do – a visual experience…

ProVisual Media is in the business of enhancing your customer’s interaction with your company. We excel in dynamic interactive displays and touch technologies with a wide variety of applications to promote your company’s products and services in a hands-on way.

Our graphics are not just pretty pictures – they are designed to communicate. We combine these specifically designed graphic communication tools with live social media and dynamic content to get the message across to your audience.

Combine all these communication elements in a video, add some animation and you have a product that informs, educates and inspires. Our live streaming further ensures that your audience gets the message in real time.

Provisual Media productions transform your marketing message into a tangible, sensory experience that your audience can interact with.

How we work - make it pretty, make it work, make a show…

Our design department’s focus is to make things look good. Visual appeal is very important to us but even more so to your potential audience. Everybody loves a pretty picture. All our graphic designers have extensive experience in 3D modelling and animation to bring your graphics to life.

When our designers have made things pretty, we call in the programmers to make things work. They work their magic behind the scenes in digital nuts and bolts. All our projects have a level of software development tied in to give a dynamic dimension to our products.

When our software guys have done their bit it is time for the technical squad to take care of the delivery platforms. Our techies make the show by putting the physical stuff together to deliver your message.

Some of the people who have trusted us with their message are Survivor SA, Big Brother and gameshows like SABC 2’s What’s Behind the Wall.


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